About Us

Celebrating 48 years as a leader in dehydration technology, Ronning continues to provide our customers with proven ingredient process systems and components, automation solutions and process consulting services that help reduce costs and increase the commercial value of their products.

We are led by a team of engineers and scientists passionate about applying the science of dehydration and committed to innovation, continuous improvement, and developing long-term client relationships. Our aim is to deliver our work in a way that leaves our customers feeling that we are a true business partner focused on their unique objectives.

Our offices are located in Overland Park, Kansas. We team with designated and proven manufacturing partners around the world to bring our solutions to customers in a wide range of markets.

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Technical Leadership Team

Richard Ronning founded Ronning Engineering Company in 1963 after beginning his career with Archer Daniels Midland’s alfalfa business unit. Dick leads Ronning’s work in the areas of process design and systems engineering. Over the course of his career, he has provided hundreds of clients with dehydration and ingredient processing solutions and advice. He is the developer of 15 patents and continues to apply his experience and deep application knowledge to the development of new products aimed at improving energy and resource efficiency. Dick holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is a retired licensed Professional Engineer. He is a long-time supporter of Kansas City-area faith-based organizations.

Finance Management; Meridian Business, Angela Eberhart, REC accounting executive 2008-2011.

  • Christine Anderson; Office manager from 1980-present.
  • Paula Saunders; BA, Journalism and Mass Communications, Coordinated marketing events, Trade Shows, proposals and parts sales. 21 years total experience with 10 years at REC.
Design Engineers
  • Ken Shannon, BSME and MSME ,PE, 33 yrs total professional experience with 2003-2011 with Ronning Engineering in a contract field service and component design capacity.
  • Pete Jansen, BSME, PE, 39 yrs total experience with approx. 7yrs with REC. in plant design capacity.
  • Loren Golden, BSME, 23 yrs total professional experience with 9 yrs with REC in component design and plant layout capacity.
  • Megan Shumaker, BSME, 12yrs total experience with 4 yrs with REC in Component and plant design capacity.
  • Travis Burger, BSAE, 13 yrs total experience with approx. 5 yrs experience with REC in component design, plant design and installation and start up capacities.
AutoCAD designers
  • Jerry Clinton, Certified AutoCAD design professional, 25 yrs total experience with approx 12 yrs with REC in component design and plant design capacities.
  • Jim Collins, Certified AutoCAD design professional,27 yrs total experience with approx. 3yrs with REC in component design capacity.
  • Jason Rugg, Certified AutoCAD design professional, 19 yrs total experience with approx. 6 yrs with REC in component and plant design capacities.
  • Jacob Rugg, Certifioed AutoCAD designer, 12 yrs total experience with approx. 2 yrs with REC.
Control Systems
  • Marc Wagoner, BSEE, Economical Design Solutions, Extensive experience in control system design and project oversight with several REC dryer control system designs and applications.
  • Steve Cross, System Technology Services. application and trouble shooting of burner issues.
  • Par Fabrication Services, Fabricated the majority of the components for approx.20 of the REC Three Stage Dryers for the past 20 yrs.
  • PCM, Fabricated components for the past 35 yrs.
  • Precision Rotary Equipment, Pat Laurito, fabricates rotary dryer components.
  • Par fabrication Services.
  • Precision Rotary Equipment.
  • A-Lert Mechanical
  • Lundin Construction
  • Dilling Mechanical
  • Ron Gagnon