Pre-Dryer Heat Recovery Evaporator
Indirect Fired Three Stage Dryer
Direct Fired Three Stage Dryer
Cooling Drum

Energy Conservation Icons
We incorporate energy conservation technologies into every system we design. Contact us today to discuss your product requirements. We will provide an initial system analysis with recommendations on how to increase your profitability.

Pre-Dryer Heat Recovery Evaporator
  · Up to 40% heat recovery  [ A ]  >>

Indirect Three Stage Dryer  [ B ]  >>
  · Internal Emission Control with no end of process Thermal
    Oxidizer needed
  · Feed doesn’t contact products of combustion
  · Compatible with wide variety of fuels
  · Excellent opportunities for waste heat recovery  >>

Direct Fired Three Stage Dryer  [ C ]  >>
  · 30% greater capacity than similar sized systems with less
    power consumption

Low Horsepower Requirement
  · All Ronning systems operate at significantly lower horsepower
    per ton because of high efficiency fans and cyclone separators
    with pressure regain design
  · Separator systems have a 25% or more pressure drop reduction

Stack Gas Recycle
  · Reduces exhaust to atmosphere up to 70%
  · Increases water vapor in heat transfer media which increases
    the dryer capacity

Forage Product Fractionation
  · Reduces process conversion cost by 50% by eliminating the fine
    grind and pelleting of the fiber fraction and providing it as bulk
    roughage for ruminant animals

Cooling and Conditioning Drum [ D ]  >>
  · Evaporates 2-4% moisture
  · Provides live storage